One Day I'll Find A Solution To All Of My Problems

by Alleys

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Sophomore effort.


released July 14, 2014

All songs written by Sebastian Cichon and Alex Ryan.

Album art shot by Sebastian Cichon and Paul Prusakowski.

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Jay Zubricky at GCR Audio

Released on Running Around Records.


all rights reserved



Alleys Buffalo, New York

Underrated and slept on.
2013-2018 .

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Track Name: Can't You Just Make Fun Of The Way I Talk Again So Things Can Go Back To The Way They Used To Be?
I must confess and get this off my chest
That life without you's gray,I'm miserable at best
So I need you to take this one last test
To put an end to this whole fucking mess
Plant a bullet inside my God damn brain
Lay me down to rest, release the clouds and rain
I'd rather die at your hands than live like this in my head
So please won't you kill me, won't you kill me Miss Hass?

I am so jaded
There's a correlation
To the way that I feel from your consolation prize
It's that look in your eyes when you look into mine
and tell me one day I'll be fine
Though I won't, but that's okay.
I'll watch all of these days pass and slowly waste away
With these thoughts in my head of you and I in my bed
Your hand in mine, I was so content.
Track Name: The Seatbelt Song
The reason that I wear my seatbelt
Is that I'm more afraid of cops
Than getting thrown directly through my windshield
In fact, I'd kinda like that.

And it's getting harder to read between the lines
when you always feel the need to clarify.

The reason that I wear my seatbelt
is that I'm more afraid of cops
than getting thrown directly through my windshield
in fact I'd kinda like that after all the shit you spat at me last night
I think I'm gonna throw the fight
but the way that you roll your eyes
and chuckle to the side...
I'm never gonna admit that you were right.
Track Name: Dusty Sings The Blues
How can you say those words and think it's just fine?
With no concern to the hate that's behind.

History repeats itself
and I'm keeping score
hoping bigots and assholes
won't weather the storm

So blame it on your comfort zone.
Blame it on the bible.

The cycle repeats
the judges just change seats
and spew their hate
at the ones beneath.
So I'll stop casting stones
when you practice what you preach
and leave my friends alone
with your indignant speech
Track Name: Overdose
You don't know the weight of your words.
When you cry wolf, your voice is the only one that's heard.
But I thought I knew better.
But I thought I'd done my research.

You don't know the strength of your tongue,
when you're slinging your words that twist and cut.

That night that you said your last goodbyes,
I thought that I'd beat you to the punch this time.
You made me your rock
and threw me out to sea.
Not quite sure why you'd expect that from me.
You picked your poison and I picked mine.
You swallowed all those bitter pills
While I'm choking on my wine.
Track Name: Timing
And if I timed this out
would you turn back around?
would you forget about him?
would things still be the same?
Would you drive 7 hours just to see my face?
End to end of this place that we call "New York State"
Would you lay again with me in my bed?
Trace your finger tips all across my skin
Speak with your sweet voice
that I love so dear
and end the wars in my head
that have been raging for years
make those sudden moves
that you'd always do
like when we first touched
inside that basement room
press your lips against
then repeat those steps
and give that look in your eye
that would steal my breathe
run my hands through your hair
as it's touching with mine
and make love again
like those Long Island nights
put your hand in mine
as we fall asleep
have your wrapped in my arms
be mine to keep

is this how it'd be?
is this how it'd be?
Oh God, please.
Tell me this how it'd be.
is this how it'd be?
is this how it'd be?
please never leave
say you'll stay here with me
is this how it'd be?
is this how it'd be?
I swear without you
it's only misery
is this how it'd be?
is this how it'd be?

I'll turn back time
Just you wait there and see

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